IT Transformational Audit


“At the end of the day we just want IT to work and help us get our jobs done and support the business without any fuss.”

Wish your IT Department delivered great customer service? Is IT getting in your road rather than helping you expand the business? An IT Transformational Audit results in a step-by-step plan of action to transform IT into a service oriented group that gets results!

As a business executive, do you really know the state of technology in your enterprise? Would you like to know where it is weak, needing immediate attention, and where it is strong?

My IT Transformational Audit is a comprehensive analysis and evaluation of the State of Technology in your business and results in a step-by-step plan of action which will transform your IT Department into a valued business partner.

This is a powerful analysis that will give you a top-to-bottom view of your IT Department’s strengths and weaknesses covering 15 areas including:

  • Leadership & Business

  • Leadership & Business Partnership

  • Management, Organization & Staff

  • Project Management

  • Customer Service

  • Disaster Recovery

  • IT Security, Core Services & Systems

The audit is a fantastic service for zeroing in on the most critical areas to resolve and fix in order to open the door where the IT Department can be transformed beyond a mere service unit to a real business partner helping the company achieve its goals.

“Tim is an excellent IT executive with the rare skill of bridging between upper management and IT operations such that the business can focus on business initiatives with IT viewed as a business partner rather than a source of issues and barriers to expansion.”

Lisa Bernard, CAO: eRepublic, Inc.

I would be happy to discuss the challenges you may be having with your IT Department and how my IT Transformational Audit service could be used to help your business!