IT Strategic Planning


“A well crafted and executed IT strategic plan is the key to success in enabling business expansion.”

Crafting long and short-term IT strategic plans that fully align IT with the business in order to support cost reduction efforts, market expansion plans, business acquisitions, eCommerce projects, ERP adoptions, technology upgrades and Cloud initiatives.

We live in a world of terrific change and the business landscape can change very quickly requiring fast action to keep up with a variety of factors: economic shifts, competitors, new technology, acquisitions, business process changes, etc.

Thus, businesses are not static things but are live organisms that are either dynamic and adapt to shifting environmental factors or stay static and perish.

Having and operating on long and short-term IT strategic plans are absolutely vital in today’s fast-paced technology driven business landscape. Such plans dovetail with the overall business initiatives and therefore accelerate and empower business to achieve it’s goals.

In essence, a well crafted and executed IT strategic plan is the key to success in enabling business expansion.

“I was impressed that as an “IT guy” Tim clearly understood that it’s not about the technology but enhancing the business objectives of the company. Tim always focused on solutions, making things happen within our budget and time requirements and effectively transitioned our company to a much more sophisticated tech platform.”

Dennis McKenna, CEO: eRepublic, Inc.

As a Consulting CIO, I have written and executed innumerable IT strategic plans much to the delight of upper management because they empower the business to succeed!

I would be happy to discuss your unique business situation and how a well crafted IT strategic plan coupled with implementation advice can empower your business to succeed.