August 2013

How the Nerds Got You Cornered and What To Do About IT

Written by Tim Blair White

A CEO Technology Survival Guide

TechnologyIf you feel the Nerds have gotten you cornered and are a bit confused regarding technology in your business then this guide will help steer you out of the technology labyrinth:

  • Critical computer systems not reliable?
  • IT too slow to respond to the needs of the business?
  • Poor internal IT customer service?
  • Constant headaches from IT?
  • Trouble understanding IT staff?
  • IT acting as a barrier to expansion rather than a business partner?
  • Users seeking technology solutions outside the company?

Would you like a sure-fire plan for IT?

Then, download and read this free guide which will help steer you out of the technology labyrinth that well meaning Nerds may have steered the company into.

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