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“Will your new ERP solution provide a quantum leap for the business or only modest improvements in certain areas?”

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Selecting an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solution to run your business is akin to navigating a technology maze and hoping that one does not end up in the sticky dark wondering what went wrong and whom do I sue?

Once one enters the ERP evaluation and selection process – the “maze” – then the ERP vendor song and dance begins in earnest any many a business owner is lured by the sales pitch into a dead-end: a solution that may or may not meet the immediate needs of the business but is a poor long-term choice.

There is nothing worse than that gut wrenching realization that the selected ERP solution was a mistake after having spent over $1,000,000 in company cash: there is no easy “out” when running into that dead-end!

Most business owners know the existing pain points and can evaluate a new ERP from those but looking long-term is the key to making the best decision. Why? ERPs tend to stay in play for a long, long time (8-12 years) because of the initial cost and massive change the organization must go through when adopting a new solution.

ERP systems are complex beasts, have innumerable features and any ERP sales person worth their salt can dazzle a business owner into assuming they are making the right choice when signing the contract. One can just hear the swan song, “but it all looked so great during the demos!”

The first and foremost criteria during any ERP evaluation is: will the new ERP solution provide a quantum leap for the business or only modest improvements in certain areas? Why put your organization through the utter agony of implementing a new ERP solution unless it really can deliver a quantum leap? A new ERP should deliver on strategic initiatives that boost the company and profits! Otherwise, there will be no ROI and a lot of wasted effort.

Achieving that quantum leap depends on selecting the right ERP solution for the long-term and that depends on having the right ERP evaluation and selection team in place who can evaluate solutions and options for your business!

Having a Consulting CIO on your team is your best insurance for selecting the right ERP for the long-term.

I would be happy to discuss your ERP selection project to see how I could add value to your team!

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